The Trusted Active Ingredient of Aminopyralid is NOW AVAILABLE From Alligare for Range & Pasture and Bare Ground Use
  • Unparalleled Versatility and Ease of Use
  • Low Use Rate
  • Registered Under the EPA's Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative
  • Non-Restricted Use
  • Simple and Selective
  • Effective Burn Down with Season-Long Control
  • No Grazing Restrictions
  • Can Be Impregnated on Dry Fertilizer
Alligare is protecting and enhancing the quality of
Now available in liquid form, FlumiGard® SC provides speed, broad-spectrum control, and flexibility Aquatics Market Segment Icon
The NEW Standard in Bare Ground Weed Control
PROMENADE® Herbicide

For control of susceptible annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, woody plants, and vines on rangeland and permanent grass pastures, fallow cropland, spring seeded wheat, barley and oats.

Alligare is protecting and enhancing the quality of
Range & Pastureland
Range & Pasture Market Segment Icon
Imazapyr 4SL image

Pre- and post-emergent, non-selective herbicide for control of undesirable vegetation in non-crop areas such as railroads, highway rights-of-way.

Alligare is protecting and enhancing the quality of
Forestry Market Segment Icon

Pre-emergent grassy and broadleaf weed control. Low solubility and volatility.

Alligare is protecting and enhancing the quality of
Bare Ground/RxR
Bare Ground Market Segment Icon
Bromacil 4040 bag

For all of our vegetation management products they are to be used on railroads, industrial bare ground, drainage ditches, and non-crop industrial areas.

Alligare is protecting and enhancing the quality of
Roadside & Right Of Way
Roadside-ROW Market Segment Icon

For vegetation control in lakes, ditch banks, irrigation canals, riparian, or other sensitive aquatic and adjacent terrestrial areas, Alligare has the herbicide solutions.

When getting the most productivity out of every acre is necessary for profitability and animal health, Alligare provides the desired vegetation management solutions.

Controlling undergrowth is key to forestry management. Alligare offers the solutions needed to tame unwanted vegetation in timber production sites.

Alligare offers the vegetation management solutions needed to maintain visibility, guard against root damage, reduce fire hazards, and aid drainage in non-crop industrial sites.

Maintaining clear right-of-ways with safe visibility and good drainage is vital to keeping transportation and logistics moving freely. Alligare provides the vegetation management solutions needed.

Trey Kendrick - Alligare President


Alligare is America’s largest post-patent industrial vegetation management (IVM) company, proudly offering more IVM herbicide solutions than any other provider. We thank you for your trust and support over the years, and want you to know that we are constantly working to offer additional new and innovative solutions to control problem vegetation. Just recently we added two new aminopyralid-based products and one new flumioxazin-based product to our extensive portfolio of products and services, providing you with additional options for use.

Our Promise to You

We are much more than just a herbicide company. We’re a strong team of leading experts who listen and learn of your unique IVM needs before we deliver innovative solutions to control your problem vegetation.

Our solutions will provide you with peace-of-mind, efficiently addressing today’s IVM needs, while helping to ensure that herbicide resistance does not become a concern tomorrow.

Alligare is the Latin word for ally and this is the core of who we are. Our commitment to you is that through our people and our products you will have no better ally than Alligare.

Call us today to let us know how we can help.

Trey Kendrick
President and CEO

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