Environmental understanding and application expertise are essential in managing the vegetation surrounding wildlife and fishery habitats, natural water sources for livestock, irrigation supplies, and recreational aquatic areas.

With 13 products labeled for aquatic use, and a team of knowledgeable professionals ready to assist, Alligare Aquatic Solutions provide a resolution to your unruly plant growth.


Vegetation interference is detrimental to forestry regeneration and hazardous to timber harvesting sites.

Alligare’s extensive forestry portfolio of over 20 herbicides, covering four biological processes or modes of action (MOA), can control unwanted and challenging species and leave a nutrient-rich, healthy environment for timber and forestry areas to abundantly flourish.

Range & Pasture

Efficient range and pasture management includes identifying unwanted vegetation, determining the best treatment option, deciding if residual or non-residual control is needed, and making sure you spray at the proper time of year.

With a range and pasture portfolio of more than 30 products, Alligare solutions enhance the quality and volume of nutritious vegetation leading to increased consumer profits.

Transportation & Energy

Maintaining visibility, guarding against root damage, reducing fire hazards, aiding drainage, and maintaining clear, safe rights-of-way are vital to keeping transportation and logistics moving freely.

Alligare’s extensive portfolio of over 40 herbicides, covering eight biological processes or modes of action (MOA), can be depended on to control unwanted and overgrown vegetation year-round.

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News & Insights

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