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Alligare’s transportation and energy solutions are critical in providing safe environments free of weeds and aggressive vegetation in right-of-way, easement, and transportation corridors. No matter the area that you need free of invasive plant species, Alligare’s knowledgeable and experienced team can create a custom blend of active ingredients for your varying environmental situations.

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Alligare herbicides work consistently to prevent and reduce biomass fire hazards, preserve the appearance and structural integrity of infrastructure, and ensure visibility is maintained and transportation is not delayed.

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Utility easements and transportation corridors require a solid plan of action to fight resistance and maintain season-long durability. Alligare offers a customer-centered approach and a team of professionals eager to control unwanted vegetation.

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Safety and productivity are a primary focus, but user-friendly solutions are not overlooked. Your time and application accuracy are important to us. Alligare solutions are provided in fewer containers, with simple measuring, and quick clean-up.

Sustainability Empowered

by Trusted Products


Transportation, energy, and bare-ground areas require dependable processes to maintain vegetation control. Alligare’s portfolio of over 40 herbicides, with multiple modes of action (MOA), can be trusted to control unwanted species.

Transportation & Energy Resources

Herbicide Proper Mixing Order

Herbicide Proper Mixing Order

Follow Alligare’s 12-step mixing guide to ensure optimal efficacy and safety during application.

Transportation & Energy Product Guide

Transportation & Energy Product Guide

Alligare Product Guides include recommended solutions, active ingredients, performance highlights, and use sites.

Transportation & Energy Bare-Ground Guide

Transportation & Energy Bare-Ground Guide

Alligare’s bare-ground guide is packed with tips and tools and easily helps you match Transportation & Energy products to the vegetation you need to control.

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