Improved pastures lead to increased stocking rates. Focus on forage, eliminate undesirable species, and run more livestock with Alligare’s high-performing, broad-spectrum Range & Pasture solutions. These products maximize nutritious vegetation, decrease forage with low palatability, and allow for the highest capacity of livestock per acre.


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Untreated pastures produce more invasive plant species and lead to lower levels of nutrition consumed by livestock, lower rate of gain per pound of forage, and ultimately lower profit margins on sale day. Grow revenue by increasing gain with Alligare solutions.

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With a Range & Pasture portfolio of more than 30 products, covering five biological processes or modes of action (MOA), Alligare solutions enhance the quality and volume of nutritious vegetation in your pastures and grazing areas.

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Safety and productivity are a primary focus, but user-friendly solutions are not overlooked. Your time and application accuracy are important to us. Alligare solutions are provided in fewer containers, with simple measuring, and quick clean-up.

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Efficient rangeland and pasture management includes quality vegetation control. Alligare’s portfolio of over 40 herbicides, with multiple modes of action (MOA), can be trusted to control unwanted species.

Range & Pasture Resources

Range & Pasture Weed Management Guide

Range & Pasture Weed Management Guide

Alligare’s Weed Management Guide is packed with tips and easily helps you match Range & Pasture products to the vegetation you need to control.

Range & Pasture Product Guide

Range & Pasture Product Guide

Alligare Product Guides include recommended solutions, active ingredients, performance highlights, and use sites.

Herbicide Proper Mixing Order

Herbicide Proper Mixing Order

Follow Alligare’s 12-step mixing guide to ensure optimal efficacy and safety during application.

Recommended Range & Pasture Products

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